BANK of Joy

A cooperative fairtrade pro-life bank

A Good Stewardship of All Life  is the core value of the United People Foundation (UPF) and it’s based on the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. We see a world of abundance and peace. Waste, injustice, poison, war and poverty belong in the museum.

Right now, the UPF focus is on the implementation of a simple, pure, efficient, just, transparent pro-life financial system.


A cooperative fairtrade pro-life bank in formation

BANK of Joy is a citizens initiative by professionals. We will  introduce the fixed value currency URA, and as soon as  we have more than 10,000 members we will apply for a banking license. We don’t use interest and because of this, we are the first real sustainable financial initiative in Europe. Interest is like a parasite. It causes shortages  and crisis just like the current crisis. Instead of interest we do offer financial, ecological, emotional and social returns, on the basis of natural growth. We invest in local  economies and sustainable projects for a healthy and just society. A bank of, for and by the people in which we will manage our money ourselves.

B of Joy and the URA will make irreversible transitions possible. This B of Joy project is exclusively of service to society. So we ask for support and collaboration from society itself.

BANK of Joy is of, for and by the people.


In this way the products and services are most optimally tuned to the needs of the community. B of Joy is a citizens’ initiative of professionals. Feel free to take part in the execution and realization of our projects, products and services.

Creating a sustainable abundant society


  1. another we need your financial support scheme, how much money have you collected till now and what have you done with it- have you accomplished anything yet and you won’t in a hundred years, you know what needs to be
    done, go ahead and do it- arrest the crooks, no one is above the law-
    collecting funds seems to be your day job-
    show something concrete or stop this charade / double talk.



  2. Under the Sky,
    One should be equal as long as Human Being.

    Underprivileged social class,
    Before the birth, even after the death,
    this underprivileged group should follow the pre-framed given route.

    Upon realizing that crossing the given route is limited,
    its trial object would be named as ‘Betrayer’ or targeted as ‘Gov. Sanction’.

    Extending of this status,
    urged and resulted let David create hand written images between # 1 and # 58.

    Still, there, no one, no response, no way to get out, its condition is extended.
    Its uselessness, barren condition has been extended as usual.

    David D Y Choi, October 2020
    ( e-mail ; or )
    Personal URL :
    ( at URL, on the bottom site, linked images are available



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