Changing the way money is created to serve society 

We are a non-partisan coalition of organizations and all concerned citizens from across Canada, campaigning to change the way money is created in our country.

We would like to invite not only non-governmental organizations, working for such causes as social justice, environmental protection, health and medical care, improvement of education, poverty reduction, and peace, but also unions, whether private or public sector, religious organizations, and even municipal councils, provincial governments and political parties. Through unifying our many voices for monetary reform in Canada, all of us are strengthened in efforts to pressure our federal government to revive the powers of the Bank of Canada to provide funding to all levels of government with interest-free loans, as was done from 1935 to 1975, with very low inflation, and assist with establishing new municipal, regional, and provincial public banks across Canada. We encourage each organization to display the endorsement on their website as a link to the CCC4MR website.

The following are problems with our present monetary system:

Unsustainable indebtedness — because all money is issued as credit, debt increases at the same rate as the money supply.

Financial instability — money creation is pro-cyclical. Too much is created in a boom, and too little in a recession, causing the pronounced boom and bust cycle.

Anti-democratic — because the Canadian government relies on commercial banks to create money, the government has to borrow more, and we have to pay higher taxes.

Perpetual expansion — in order to service large amounts of debt the economy has to grow, even when markets are saturated and resources depleted.

Unbalanced and unproductive economy — banks choose where new money is spent on the basis of their own profits rather than the needs of the economy.

Inequality and the concentration of wealth — interest payments on the entire money supply suck wealth out of the economy in to the banks.

Bank runs, subsidies and bailouts — the banking system is unstable and unprofitable without government subsidies and guarantees.

Unfair, monopolistic and anti-competitive — the right to create money gives banks an unfair and damaging advantage over all other parts of the economy.

The CCC4MR believes that the monetary system is not fit for the purpose and needs updating. A well-functioning monetary system will provide more stable economies, which will benefit everybody.

A transparent and independent process for the creation of new money should be established, which regulates the money supply according to the needs of the economy.

The CCC4MR believes that private banks should not be able to create new money when they make loans. This is an extraordinary privilege which gives the financial sector an unfair and damaging advantage over other businesses. Banks should be restricted to providing current accounts, payment services, lending, and investing money on behalf of their savers. This will lead to a reduction in personal and government debt, and will help to prevent another global financial crisis from occurring.

The CCC4MR maintains two very clear and specific aims: to change the way the monetary system works in Canada, and assist with establishing new municipal, regional, and provincial public banks across Canada. 

The CCC4MR is not: 

a political organisation. We don’t campaign for either a bigger or a smaller role for government. We campaign for changes to the Canadian monetary system, which would be to the benefit of the people of Canada, and we do not act on behalf of any particular lobby, political party, or interest group.

The CCC4MR is not against privately owned banks. Privately-owned banks have an important function in providing payment services, a secure place for our money, investment opportunities, and to lend us money.

The CCC4MR is not against bankers. Most people who work in banks do not understand the money system and its effects, and are simply trying to provide a service for customers and earn a living. Undoubtedly some bankers have abused their power, but this is not the root cause of our financial crisis.

The CCC4MR is not against lending, or charging interest on loans where an investor is lending their money to somebody else.

The CCC4MR does not believe that regulation alone can solve the problems with banking or the monetary system. Regulation has been shown to be ineffective, and easily reversed, but furthermore it does not alter the root causes of the problem. What is needed is legislative change.

The CCC4MR is not a campaign for general financial reform, alternative economics or complementary currencies. While there are many other reforms that also need to take place, the CCC4MR has two specific purposes: to reform Canadian monetary system in order to create fairer and more stable economy, and prosperous society; and assist with establishing new municipal, regional, and provincial public banks across Canada.

“We live under a tyranny today that is just as intolerable and unjust as that in 1776, but violent revolution is no longer an option. Our oppressors own the military and the media, and their FEMA camps are waiting for us. If change is to come, it must be peaceful and legal, beginning with a revolution in the minds and hearts of the people. The message of thePublic Banking in America Conference was that we can throw off the yoke of the international financial elite by making money and credit a public utilityand the most feasible place to start is at the local level, with publicly-owned banks.”  Ellen Brown  www.ellenbrown.com 

The CCC4MR does not support the use of illegal or violent means to bring about change. We campaign for the monetary system to be changed with minimal social and economic upheaval. We work in cooperation with the nonprofit Public Banking Institute, and with the Toronto Public Bank‘s team of experts.



  1. As you probably know CAP http://canadianactionparty.org is the only registered party that has been pushing the Bank of Canada Reinstatement since its inception. We are gearing up for the federal election in Oct 2015 and need a lot more Candidates at this time. The mainstream media wont help us get the message out but you can. If anyone at CCC4MR is interested in helping out we would appreciate it. Just requires a bit of public speaking in debates. We will provide training and support. Once registered in your riding you can also raise funds within the political boundaries for your own campaign that gives the donor rebates of 75%. If interested call Jeff Sakula 705 727 9827 or email: jsakula@sympatico.ca

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  2. Many of the ideas presented by this group originally were publicized and popularized by the Social Credit movement beginning in the late 1920s and proceeding onward as a political movement beginning strongly in 1934.

    Social Credit, as a Canadian political party, died in 1993 and immediately was revived in the form of the Canada Party, from which CAP is descended through its alliance with Hellyer’s “Action Party”. As the original Canada Party, it ran 54 candidates in the 1993 election but has done very little since.

    If you want your Social Credit straight rather than watered-down, there IS a place to get it. All you have to do is come to the FB page of the Constitutional Social Credit Party. This is the ONLY party in Canada which believes that the solutions to our problems are contained within the original wording of the Constitution of Canada, the Canadian Bill of Rights, our ancient Common Law and in an application of Social Credit principles to the economic life of this country.

    The eventual aim is to make Canada into what it should….. and could….. have been all along: the single happiest, free-est, most prosperous nation in the world. The Constitutional Social Credit Party has the tools and it has the determination to make this happen…. and NO other political group can say that truthfully. For more information, click: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1523983301160788/

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    1. George – I am wondering if the Constitutional Social Credit Party or the Canada Action Party may have a lawyer in BC who would be willing to help with the incorporation of a Canada Chapter of the Public Banking Institute? I have been grateful to members of CAP for expressing a willingness to help on this front.



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